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Rising toward our

Campaign Goals

Building a culture

Campaigns usually have a single goal focused on the amount of money raised. At UD we have three goals to reflect the desire to both support our students today and build a culture to sustain an even more successful future. To accomplish the priorities of We Soar, our goals include engagement, participation and philanthropy.

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You can lead the way in building a stronger UD by helping us achieve our goal of raising $400 million. Together we will increase access to our Catholic, Marianist education, expand hands-on learning opportunities for all students, and invest in great people and programs across the University.

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Get involved in the life of UD in a meaningful way. Whether it’s serving on an advisory council or becoming an alumni community leader, student mentor or peer-to-peer ambassador, you can help us achieve more together as we increase the number of new UD volunteers. Our goal is to welcome 2,800 Flyers in defined volunteer roles.

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Join the growing number of Flyer faithful who make an annual gift to UD and help us achieve our goal of welcoming more members to the Front Porch Society (supporters who give any amount for three or more consecutive fiscal years). Our goal is to reach 19,250 new Front Porch Society members who are invested in what is going on at UD every year, because every gift is a vote of confidence in UD!

Dialing in on success

At UD, we do things differently: we achieve in community. So, in addition to tracking the number of dollars we raise together, we're also marking each percent of progress toward our engagement and participation goals.

$400 million is our comprehensive campaign giving goal. 19,250 new Front Porch Society members is our participation goal. 2,800 new volunteer leaders in defined roles is our engagement goal.